Dear Summer,

Sweet and sour lemonade

Cold chlorinated ecstasy, mm-hmm.

Special thanks to Michael Burg, MD for the seventeen-syllable prompt invite and to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) and her publication, The Brain is a Noodle.

Thank you for your love and support. ❤

©2021 Divina Grey. All Rights Reserved.

Divina Grey is a ferocious woman and mother rebuilding her life one article at a time. She likes long walks on the beach, singing and playing her guitar, an electrifying workout, and a cup of coffee so decadent she can feel the frothiness in her bones. Over the last twenty-five years, Divina has stockpiled a collection of used journals in an elegant wooden chest and is oozing with gratitude for the chance to share her staggering long-time love of writing with the world.

If you enjoyed this piece and would like to read more, please make yourself at home:

I love Love, playing my guitar, rebuilding my life one article at a time, and drinking coffee in my underwear! Thank you for your love and support!❤

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