I Miss You

I haven’t published a story in almost two weeks.

I’m jonesin’ for a quick hit.

Over Winter break, I was able to put my (ten-pound) Medical Assisting book and stethoscope away and focus on my kids and my writing.

It was glorious.

But like all good things, they must come to an end.

Perhaps this title should read, I Miss You and I’m Sorry instead.

A perfect January day for me would consist of two cups of frothy to-die-for coffee, a terribly-painful-hurts-so-good workout, a steaming-hot shower, and absolute peace and quiet for the next sixteen hours while I write to the world about my feelings.

Unfortunately, my kids eat like blue whales, grow like weeds, and I’m a single mother living with her parents at thirty-eight because she can’t afford to live and pay rent somewhere since her ex-husband pulled the proverbial rug from under her. Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful beyond words for having a soft place to land. But I also need to work my ass off at my low-paying Caregiver job and pass my medical classes so I can give my kids the nourished life they deserve. I’m their rock — their lighthouse. In the dark and stormy seas of life, I want them always to see me shining bright in the distance and lighting their way home if they need some guidance.

Anyway, I miss you, and I’m sorry. I want to write and engage with all of you beautiful souls all day long, seven days a week, but writing doesn’t pay my bills (yet).

Thank you for every single clap, comment, email — and for being a part of my journey; and allowing me to be a part of yours. You guys have been my lighthouse through some of the choppiest seas I’ve ever had to navigate. I don’t think I could ever express how much you all mean to me, but I promise I will keep trying.

Thank you for your love and support. You Are Loved. ❤

©2021 Divina Grey. All Rights Reserved.

Divina Grey is a ferocious woman and mother rebuilding her life one article at a time. She likes long walks on the beach, singing and playing her guitar, an electrifying workout, and a cup of coffee so decadent she can feel the frothiness in her bones. Over the last twenty-five years, Divina has stockpiled a collection of used journals in an elegant wooden chest and is oozing with gratitude for the chance to share her staggering long-time love of writing with the world.

If you enjoyed this piece and would like to read more, please make yourself at home:

I love Love, playing my guitar, rebuilding my life one article at a time, and drinking coffee in my underwear! Thank you for your love and support!❤

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