(Creative) Writing Your Way Through Clinical Classes

Would you rather be the sandcastle of the wave?

Divina Grey
2 min readApr 21, 2021


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Buenos dias! (Good morning)
My name is Divina Grey. I am currently enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program at my University, and I am so grateful it makes me want to cry. I believe I was put on this earth to be a mother in my heart of hearts, to be exactly where I am right now, and to help people. I am a mother of two beautiful babies; okay, my son is eleven, and my daughter is eight, but my babies they will always be. When I’m not dancing to "Ice, Ice, Baby" with my kids, I love writing, singing and playing the guitar, Crossfitting, and drinking the frothiest coffee I can my hands on. I am also slowly (but surely) teaching myself Spanish. One more glimpse into my life, before I get to why I’d rather be the sandcastle than the wave, is I have the sweetest little cat with one eye. Or, mi gato tiene un ojo.

After reading the prompt above, my knee-jerk reaction was to tell everyone that I, one-hundred percent, wanted to be the wave. The freedom I felt in my bones when I imagined not only flowing with the ups and downs but embodying the ebb and flow of life was fantastic! I slept on that thought, and in the morning, this is what I concluded: choosing to be the sandcastle gave me the best of both worlds. Castles made of sand bask in the sun on the shore and revel in the crashing kisses of the ocean. We also have the liberty to be gently washed away and start again from scratch.

Thank you for your love and support. You Are Loved. ❤

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Divina Grey is a ferocious woman and mother rebuilding her life one article at a time. She likes long bike rides, singing and playing her guitar, an electrifying workout, and a cup of coffee so decadent she can feel the frothiness in her bones. Over the last twenty-five years, Divina has stockpiled a collection of journals in an elegant wooden chest and is oozing with gratitude for the chance to share her staggering long-time love of writing with the world.

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